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[OLD VERSION] Processor operates at lower MHz than it has, Macbook Air

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Hello to all forum users!


I tested my Macbook Air, Early 2014 model and found that processor operates @ 1000 MHz instead of 1400 MHz, that this Macbook has.

Is it ok? Or is there a way to make it run at "full speed", let's say it that way.


NovaBench Score: 610

2014-06-22 18:05:43 +0000

Mac OS X 10.9.3

Intel Core i5 @ 1000 MHz

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 5000


4096 MB System RAM (Score: 131)

- RAM Speed: 7388 MB/s


CPU Tests (Score: 380)

- Floating Point Operations/Second: 120516040

- Integer Operations/Second: 231467952

- MD5 Hashes Calculated/Second: 950974


Graphics Tests (Score: 45)

- 3D Frames Per Second: 104


Hardware Tests (Score: 54)

- Primary Partition Capacity: 232 GB

- Drive Write Speed: 252 MB/s

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This is likely an issue with Novabench actually. Yoyour CPU is probably running at the correct speed. Sometimes it is read wrong by Novabench.

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