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gpu score low

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hello i have AMD Radeon R9 270x 2gb video card why is my score so low 381 and my video card is not listed on the gpu list Verified NovaBench Score: 1060

Test run on December 16, 2013 at 16:39
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

amd.png AMD Phenom II X6 1035T running at 2610 MHz

AMD Radeon R9 200 Series GPU

7936 MB System RAM (Score: 151)
- RAM Speed: 3485 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score: 500)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 154279152
- Integer Operations/Second: 486327264
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 803804

Graphics Tests (Score: 381)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 1070

Hardware Tests (Score: 28)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 373 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 70 MB/s

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heres some gpu z pics '> and '>

every since i instilled this video card once in a while my screen gos fuzzy or blink for a second like it warps out green lines going throw it. maybe since this card is a 3.0 pci e card maybe mortherborad cant handle it?

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PCIe 3 will work on a 3 motherboard. You won't get the full bandwidth, but it shouldn't cause flickering.

It's hard to diagnose. You could see what GPU-Z says under full load

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