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[OLD VERSION] Wrong processor specification?

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The spec for Intel Core i5 in my computer is 1.8 MHz. Benchmark result states 1000 MHz. What's the issue?

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Verified NovaBench Score: 630

Test run on August 22, 2013
Mac OS X 10.8.4

intel.png Intel Core i5 running at 1000 MHz

Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU

4096 MB System RAM (Score: 132)
- RAM Speed: 7506 MB/s

CPU Tests (Score: 400)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 131225536
- Integer Operations/Second: 241912448
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 974206

Graphics Tests (Score: 45)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 103

Hardware Tests (Score: 53)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 232 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 249 MB/s

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Hi all!

Same here: I am using an iMac Core i7 at 3.4 GHz with 3.8 GHz Turbo Boost (OS X 10.8.5). Nova identifies the CPU as 3000 Mhz.

The result might be correct though. Top CPU list says: Intel Core i7-2600 3.40GHz Av. Score: 753.

So with Turbo my score of 795 seems right.

Also strange: Drive Write Speed says 84 MB/s. Which is absolutely wrong. "Disk Speed Test" gets 126 MB/s and real life tests all came about 120 MB/s. I am using an SSD (APPLE SSD TS256C) here so 84 MB/s can't be right. Other iMac users with SSDs seem to get scores of over 200 MB/s just like mgoksoy right above!

Check out the details:

Besides that: There are iMac13,2 results with the GeForce GTX 680MX which scores at about 400. This must be wrong, since my GPU the Radeon HD 6970M score as high as 391, which seems correct. How could the Top GPU list set the 680MX at a score of 363 whereas the "normal" GeForce GTX 680 gets a score at 897? All benchmarks that i have seen so far state that the GTX 680MX is about twice as fast as the HD 6970M.

Something must be wrong with your test codes! Mac compatibility does't seen quite ok.

Thanks for help.

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I have two quad core Xeon 3Ghz CPUs in my 2008 Mac Pro. My results indicate a single quad core CPU. Why does the second one not show up? I can clearly see it in Activity Monitor.

Verified NovaBench Score: 1074
Test run on October 29, 2013 at 17:54
Mac OS X 10.9.0
Mac Mac Pro (MacPro3,1)
Intel Quad-Core Intel Xeon running at 3000 MHz
ATI ATI Radeon HD 4870 GPU
20480 MB System RAM (Score: 205)
- RAM Speed: 2842 MB/s
CPU Tests (Score: 606)
- Floating Point Operations/Second: 236956352
- Integer Operations/Second: 507331072
- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 893140
Graphics Tests (Score: 223)
- 3D Frames Per Second: 776
Hardware Tests (Score: 40)
- Primary Partition Capacity: 237 GB
- Drive Write Speed: 167 MB/s

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