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m6000 beats k5000m??

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[suggested tags: m6000, k3000m, k4000m, k5000m, firepro, quadro, amd, nvidia, benchmarks -- sorry, can't paste!]

Greetings all !

How is it that here a mid-range and high-end m-Quadro are beaten *significantly* (>2x) by a mid-range m-Firepro? (note: all latest model mGPUs) -- and strangely the low-end Quadro also significantly beats the high-end -- whereas elsewhere, all results found so far are almost the reverse. Of course, all example results below are alas only single-sample unless noted otherwise, but the trend seems clear:

NovaBench: "framerate (higher is better)"
AMD FirePro M6000 383
NVIDIA Quadro K3000M 318
NVIDIA Quadro K5000M 161
NVIDIA Quadro K4000M 145

...but not here:
Rank , 3DM Vant. P GPU , 3DMark11 P GPU: (rank after 5+ *different* benchmarks)
13 NVIDIA Quadro K5000M 18271 , 4910
29 NVIDIA Quadro K4000M 14089 , 3519
46 NVIDIA Quadro K3000M 9989 x2 , --
49 AMD FirePro M6000 9070 , 2422

...and not here:
PassMark - G3D Mark:
Quadro K4000M 2,444 x7
Quadro K5000M 2,433
FirePro M6000 1,820
Quadro K3000M 1,773 x3

Here, sort of a tie: (not on price of course, being $1000 apart at

(non-standard benchmarks, so not sure what to show)

Good day!

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Notice that for each of these we only have 1-2 results submitted for them. This is not a large enough sample size to draw any statistically significant conclusions. For example, these results may have been overclocked at varying levels, or run in cross fire or SLI (which Novabench uses, but doesn't record in this version. will be fixed in the next version).

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