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Found 2 results

  1. hi, i have the dell inspiron 3542. with i3-4005U, 4gb ram, 2gb Nvidia GEforce 820, and 500gd hdd i have had this laptop for the past 4.5 years. btw i am from India. the following are the novabench scores for my OS: CPU score 298 Ram score 4GB 127 GPU Score 179 Disk Score 27 ,writescore=94mb/s , reaadscore=100mb/s My daily usage includes mild multitasking, programming, web surfing and sometimes gaming(specifically fifa19)
  2. I have a DIY PC I put together in October based on the AMD A10-5800K on an ASUS FM2 A85-M Pro Board. I've found NovaBench a very friendly, easy program, and at the right price. It is helping me fine tune my PC and I've noticed a few things about my scores, but one thing I cannot understand. The same hardware, set up to the same (or as similar as possible) settings in Windows 7 are scoring much better than the same system on Windows 8. I do see a range of score but the difference is significant, Win8 scores are in the 700-800 range, while the Win7 scores are generally over 900, and all my scores over 1000 are Win7. You can see my scores, just look for scores by Fortkentdad. Just wondering if anyone else sees this difference?