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Found 1 result

  1. I am new to Novabench. Very nice little benchmark program, nice job and thanks. A customer was in my shop yesterday, and he was complaining that his new HP laptop with an i5, upgraded from W8.1 to W10, was slower than his older laptop. I needed something I could put on his computer for him so he could go home and run it to see exactly how well his laptop was doing. Novabench fit the bill perfectly, and he was impressed that it was free. I told him how to upload and compare his scores. So, I decided to run it on my bench computer out of curiosity. Unfortunately it freezes during the memory test. I am using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on a Gigabyte DX10 (GA-MA78GM-S2H) motherboard An ATI Radeon HD 3600 video card 2GB of A-DATA 1066 DDR2 and 2GB of Kingston 1066 DDR2 AMD Phenom 8550 Triple-Core processor @ 2.2GHz Patriot Inferno 60GB SSD I have not had any problems with this computer, and I keep it in excellent condition. Not a single crash or glitch in the last four years since I installed this motherboard. It's not an overly big deal since I really don't need a benchmark for my computer, I just wanted to see what the score would be. So, this is really just FYI. Novabench runs the tests. The memory test starts and after about 15 seconds it moves from the centre of the screen to the lower right corner, and at that point it just stops working. I have left it for 15 minutes and it never completes. I end up having to use task manager to shut it down. Once again, nice little utility. I will tell all my customers about it when they ask how to tell if their computer is running at top speed.