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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I'm new to this forum and was curious to see how my MacBook Pro 2016 would fare. It seems the results are pretty crappy - I'm not even comparing it to a high end PC. I'm just comparing it to a high end iMac and it still says it's pretty poor. This is supposed to be the top of line MacBook Pro - I'd love to know if it's something I'm doing wrong or if it's just Apple? Note: I noticed that it used the integrated Intel HD 530 graphics even though the MacBook Pro 2016 has a dedicated Radeon Pro 455 as well. Why is that? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, My benchmark score is very low. The system is 5 years old, but has been treated right and works very well and relatively fast for a 5 year old system. I had some repairs done recently and they didn't mention any issues with the main hardware. Is the benchmark really low for a system this old? Is it low because its being compared to newer systems? rMBP mid 2012 - 16 gig RAM Mac OS X 10.12.5Intel Core i7 @ 2700 MHzGraphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M
  3. Dear, This is the first time I did Novabench test in my Mac. I would like to know if this score is normal according to other Mac in the same model (mid 2015). I'm a little bit surprised with the low speed of SSD, is it right? Thanks in advance. All the best, B
  4. This is my first time doing this test, or, actually my first time knowing this thing. Just found out that my score is kinda low when I feel my laptop is "Fast", for me. I don't play video games and the laptop is really just regular used. The biggest software I run on it is Matlab, and I don't use it a lot. Kinda feel ashamed when I always believed that my laptop is a lot faster than most of my friends'.
  5. What do you guys think? Check out the Novabench mark for my 17" Macbook Pro. It was the last Sandy Bridge 17" made by Apple before they discontinued 17" altogether: