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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, A few months ago, I made a post re. my computer performance slowing whenever it was plugged in/unplugged (copied text below). Well, with further testing, I realize the performance drops any time I adjust my screen brightness. I have an HD 3000 graphics card, which I see is not compatible with Windows 10. I tried reinstalling the driver, and even using old drivers to no avail. However, I've had W10 for a while, and this problem just started. Do you think I could solve my problem by reverting to Windows 7? Thanks! (quoted text from old post) Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, so please excuse any lack of etiquette. For a few months now, I have noticed that my laptop's performance decreases SIGNIFICANTLY when I unplug my laptop (from 620s-240s). Everything is very choppy - especially video playback. This problem is NOT reversed when I plug my laptop back in; however, a restart solves the problem. Task manager shows no change in resource usage or availability. I have the power settings in Windows 10 set to 'max performance' both while plugged in, and on battery power. If I start my computer unplugged, the performance numbers are in the 620s. However, if I then plug it in and retest, the numbers drop back into the 240s. So, the problem seems to manifest itself any time I plug in or unplug my laptop. Does anyone have any thoughts about what could be the cause? Thanks! edit: I just noticed one of the results says it was run on Windows 7, the other on 10. I am running 10, and this is the (oddly) the only test I have done where it shows I am running Windows 7.