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Found 3 results

  1. I purchased the Commercial License in order to use the Command Line Interface (CLI), but when I attempt to run it after registering the software, it tells me that the CLI is only available in the Pro version. Is it not available in the Commercial version, or do I need to return it and purchase the Pro version?
  2. Hello, Nice little benchmark here! I am having trouble using AutoIt with NovaBench "File", "Test", "Help" menus. So, command line is another option for me. I saw in a previous question that nbtest.exe -i 1234567 (-f, -m, -r, -d are the other possibilities) is the way to use for command line options. One problem I see is running through cli I see a big difference in score for integer e.g. 378,264,892 gui vs. 96,322,769 cli. Which one is correct? Is there a calculation missing? Float has same issue. MD5 and Ram scores match gui method. The numbers are very consistently close but, very different than gui: int: 96322769, 96399556, 97350606 flt: 25574313, 25584587 Also, are there any options like loop#, interval between runs? Thanks, Thorfinn
  3. Does NovaBench have any sort of command line interface? I'd like to set this up so it Loops continuously. I have a PC that I've been trying to resolve a intermittent BSOD when dual-core is enabled. Thanks, Lynster