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Found 3 results

  1. Here's my specs: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (x64) AMD FX8350 EightCore @ 4000 MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 8GB RAM idk what the motherboard is but apparently it's a decent one Here was my scores: 8174 MB System RAM (Score: 160) - RAM Speed: 4975 MB/s CPU Tests (Score: 647) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 238926160 - Integer Operations/Second: 606901376 - MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 900521 Graphics Tests (Score: 505) - 3D Frames Per Second: 1387 Hardware Tests (Score: 74) - Primary Partition Capacity: 1862 GB - Drive Write Speed: 99 MB/s I had no applications open when the benchmarks were working. Any help? :) Forgot to mention, the overall score was around 1300
  2. Odd results comparison between Novabench Cinebench and Engine Heaven results for GTX970 running in Mac Pro 2012 (2010 model) 6-core @ 3.06 GHz (Xeon 5775) with 24 GB Ram on 1080p. Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4 on Ultra and Extreme @ 1080p is scoring 1506 (around an i7 mark) FPS is 59.8 min 9.7 max 142.9 Novabench is scoring GPU a miserable 194-198 on the 7th percentile. Cinebench is also not so good at OpenGL scoring behind my old Radeon 7950 - I put this down to the OpenGL test. What is happening in Novabench AND between Novabench and Unigine Heaven results? In real work my 27" 2011 iMac (radeon HD 6770m) encodes a video in 24 minutes while this machine with the 970 does the same video in 9 minutes while I am on a 1440p monitor - so real time is pretty good. Nvidia driver is up-to-date and Cuda is same. What is Novabench telling me? Any suggestions? 1080p.nbr Unigine Heaven 1080p.html
  3. Hello I am using two GTX 970 ssc in sli and whenever I run the novabench gpu benchmark I get a very low score of 22 and fps of 77. The results are exactly the same whether the resolution is 1600 x 900, 1280 x 720, and 5050 x 900. I also get very low fps in games where I should be able to get at least 60, such as in GTA 5 where the fps dips to under 30 regardless of resolution and/or graphics settings. 5/30/2016 10:11:08 PM Microsoft Windows 8.1 Intel Core i74790K 4.00GHz @ 4079 MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 16327 MB System RAM (Score: 267) - RAM Speed: 18069 MB/s CPU Tests (Score: 924) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 207480480 - Integer Operations/Second: 1144146840 - MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 1600355 Graphics Tests (Score: 22) - 3D Frames Per Second: 77 Hardware Tests (Score: 42) - Primary Partition Capacity: 223 GB - Drive Write Speed: 265 MB/s Thanks for any help.