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  1. I am using Novabench portable to benchmark some laptops and when I ran on the first two laptops, I was able to rename those tests with the name of the laptop. But when I tested the third machine, I did not see the edit (pencil) icon to rename that test. I looked at the tests directory on the USB stick and the Readonly bit was set so I cleared it for that directory and all sub-directories. But the bit doesn't clear (or stay cleared). Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
  2. My 1080ti is using around 50% of its resources during the GPU test. Does anyone know what the issue is? I have confirmed: 1. no CPU bottleneck 2. V-sync off/G-sync Off 3. similar results with different driver versions 4. Global-Settings set to max performance 5. Tried various other settings + different driver versions 6. Tried higher GPU/CPU OC 7. Ran a time spy 3Dmark benchmark and saw 100% of GPU being utilized
  3. Yesterday i had the great idea to flash the BIOS of my new Zotac RTX 2070 Super Twin Fan. After I discovered that there is a driver for the Zotac 2070 Super AMP, I figured I could give it a shot, as both cards are basically the same and only differ in their BIOS, with the AMP letting you raise the power target. I used Zotac's official update tool and at first, everything worked great. I could raise the power target on my card, got better results in benchmarks and everything. Soon after though the card startet to be unstable, and now it's at a point where most games crash after a while. If you couldn't guess already, I am an idiot and of course didn't do a backup of the original BIOS before flashing.
  4. I want to benchmark my PC and I dont have the money for 3dmark.fedloan easybib
  5. Just came across this benchmarking tool which states: I checked the hardware scores and for some reason the 480 scores higher than the 580 so I just want to know if this is a reliable benchmarking tool compared to the others such as
  6. Can someone explain me the difference between those 2? Is the RTX the new gen and is basically better? I don't see many PC builds that include it, why? If I wanted to upgrade my graphics card and use it for the next 3 years do you recommend the gtx 1080 ti or the rtx 2080 ti?Buying a new pc soon and don’t think I want to spend the extra bucks for a 1070, so is 1060 still a go? I mean I can always upgrade later but is it more worth to invest in a 1070 from the get go?I'm not trying to compare specific graphics cards. I'm just trying to understand what "GTX" means, what "RTX" means, and which would be better for gaming. Thanks for the help.