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  1. DotMRT

    windows 7 issue?

    @Nathan: Doesn't .NET framework come pre-installed with Windows 7?
  2. DotMRT

    Godaddy or

    Thanks guys (: I think i will go with
  3. DotMRT

    Godaddy or

    @Nathan what is NameSafe two-factor authentication?
  4. DotMRT

    Godaddy or

    I am about to buy a .com domain name.... but can you tell me which one is better? Godaddy or Or can you give other suggestions as well...?
  5. DotMRT

    Multiple DNS iPod Touch

    BUMP!!! Need help...
  6. DotMRT

    Multiple DNS iPod Touch

    Hey I wanted to ask if putting different DNS in my iPod's wifi settings like (GoogleDNS, OpenDNS, Default DNS) all at once at the same time help me speed up my internet?
  7. DotMRT

    Which Tablet to Choose? Thanks Ben Mauerberger

    Get an iPad 2 :P
  8. DotMRT

    Under-utilizing dual cores?

    I am pretty sure that wont cause any issues...
  9. Have you tried using the backspace button? :P
  10. DotMRT


    Welcome to the forum m8 (:
  11. DotMRT


    I just saw the domain name and the logo of the forum and this is what i noticed: 1) Domain has changed: 2) Logo has changed. @Nathan: why this change?
  12. DotMRT

    Hey Guys (:

    Welcome back Jamie (:
  13. DotMRT

    Is it possible to be retrieved?

    If your conversation history (log) in MSN is active, then only u would be able to see the conversation and will be able to retrieve your password. Btw: Just give him a call and get the pass :P
  14. DotMRT


    Welcome to the forum (: