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  1. First time using this App,,, is there something wrong with performance? I have the top of the line 2019 iMac, , maxed out on RAM (128), and Write Speed on a 2 TB SSD storage appears to be reduced or at around 531 mb/sec, 8 core 9th Generation Intel CPU. Read speed on Disk appears to be as expected I guess, but what is happening to Write speed please?. I apologize for maybe a little ignorance, but with this Novabench test can it give me a proper reading or result from my Apples own internal 2TB apple pci-nvme? I think I tried this test with another, speed test provider, and it said that I could not test my own internal SSD. Thanks for any response,, and also what about the other result ie CPU,, they look terrible also, don't they?
  2. I see that others have posted the same question about why my Mini Mac scores a 0 on the benchmark. I hope this is something that is being looked at. Cheers khanhns35