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  1. Agreed, Lets just hope he can make heaven better eh?
  2. Steve jobs has died at the age of 56 of pancreatic cancer. Chairman, Co-Founder and former C.E.O. of Apple and the creator of Great everyday gadgets that have become part of our everyday lives like the Ipod, Iphone and Ipad (not the Mac, Macs suck) and have changed the way we will think about technology forever. Read more: http://jrnetwork.net.../#ixzz1ZxUaLH6R Sorry haven't been around much, been very very very very busy with work and JR xD Going to try and follow here again :D
  3. Jamie

    Hey Guys (:

    Thanks for the welcomes back people :D
  4. Jamie

    Hey Guys (:

    Sure has, hope everything has been going well :)
  5. Jamie

    Hey Guys (:

    Hey Guys. Most of you oldies may remember me, I'm Jamie and I said I would be back, I have been seriously busy with work, school and of course JR, Its hard to keep on everything I used to be on :( I'm sorry that I have missed so much, I'm glad to say I should be able to be back at NTF for a month or more, I have to study alot since I'm in my final year. Hopefully I will be able to get through it ok :)
  6. Hey btw, Please could you email and get permission before you use this? Since I'm hosting it etc, I don't want to be in trouble for hosting it if its not allowed, *Server admin responsible for all the files on his/her server* I hope it will be because it would be an excellent addition to TuneYou!
  7. Hey guys, I'd just like to say well done on Novabench 3, it looks and runs awesome and I love the new website! Thumbs up to Nathan, the beta testers and the rest of the coders :D Gratz!
  8. Jamie

    Cms progress!!

    Lol, It's now hosted on my VPS so we don't waste Novahosts bandwith ;) We have a lot of backing with the project so when the first beta is out, well to be honest its allot of download xD DotMRT: We have allready talked about most of those, Nice suggestion with the Backups, Plugin System will be included, we already decided on this, 2) Prune Users 3) Ban Users 4) Delete / Edit Posts and Users 5) Assigning Users as admin/mods That will be in the user management, posts will be editable 1) Prune Posts 7) Making a check for updates system 8) Backup system for database 9) Auto Backups (Timer) That will be put on since it is routine maintenance for any webmaster! Also soon we will be asking for help with developing mods, styles for zoopa, If you are interested email me at: jamietees (at) hotmail.com. We also are looking for some beta testers, we only want to have 10 beta testers for now, again email me if you want to be a beta tester, The beta release will be out at around January as pecky mentioned. Ok Thanks,, Jamie
  9. Jamie

    Cms progress!!

    Haha, its simple, LOL yeah it would be good to have an ACP now :P
  10. Jamie

    Cms progress!!

    Maybe something like this too? To stop multiple clicks on a submit so it doesnt send so many requests?? Just a thought :P
  11. Jamie

    Cms progress!!

    Hey, Yeah the CMS is coming along pretty well :) Cosmic, give pecky chance, it won't be just a blog, The comments will be editable hopefully soon, but I'd say only registered users will be able to edit their own comments, Of course admins can edit any comment! The look is really good, personally I love it, I can't wait to create some mods etc for it :) More news on zoopa soon, A site will be setup soon at http://zoopa.jamiesrebellion.co.cc/ Listing the changes and features being added to tuneyou, I will post here when the site is setup, Regards, Jamie
  12. Is tired, with work :(