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  1. We know that Nvidia has dropped TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) in favor of Samsung Electronics, having awarded them the contract to produce Ampere based on Samsung's 7nm EUV FinFET process. With Ampere we'd be going from 12nm down to 7nm. I wonder how the new production process would affect pricing and performance, I'm kind of hoping we won't see another big jump in prices like we saw with the current RTX cards.sweepstakes software providers The high-end cards in particular seem to be getting hit hard by price increases with every successive generation. It's like Nvidia is trying to get rid of their "upper middle-class" tier of consumers. These are the people who would normally buy cards like the GTX 780/GTX 980/GTX 1080 but were unwilling to spend a few hundred extra for the Ti's and Titans. Instead Nvidia is now adding that tier to the price range of the Titan and Ti versions, so those same people now buy 2070's instead of a 2080. This is a shame because cards like the GTX 780/980/1080 used to be situated perfectly between the mid and top-tier prices (the "expensive but affordable within reason" cards).
  2. Hello! I'm testing on Windows 10, and getting an overflow error. The last post I found about this (December 2015) suggested that the error would be resolved in the next version. I'm wondering if this is still unresolved or if there is anything I can do to get my test running. Thank you!riversweeps free credits 2018 Error Integer Operations (CPU) "Unhandled exception has occoured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Arithmetic Operation resulted in an overflow."
  3. Hi Nathan, I just completed a test of my laptop with Novabench 4.0, and my GPU score scores about twice as much in Novabench 4.0 compared to Novabench 3.0, and my CPU score is a little lower too. What is causing this? https://solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ https://bluestacks.vip/ Side note - I like that it's finally fully testing my SSD 🙂
  4. ello! Please refer to the following URL :- & help resolve the installation issue with the Latest version of Novabench.vidmate mobdro word counter Thank you.
  5. I have a tentative build that I want on pcpartpicker but I have a few questions. Since I will be doing minimal gaming, do I need a separate GPU and if so, how good of one should I get? Does it help with running my DAW or video editing? Would you recommend 16gb of ram or should I get more?https://solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ https://bluestacks.vip/ I was going to wait and shell out for an Ryzen 3000 series processor since it's out next week, but perhaps I should buy a 1600 since they are so cheap right now and wait a bit to upgrade. Thoughts? Thanks!