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  1. pecky

    2 years of inactivity

    Aw that's really sad :(
  2. pecky

    2 years of inactivity

    Hey guys I'm back! It's really sad this place is practically abandoned now :( what happened! Edit: my reasons for leaving was just purely the fact I moved away from web development for a while and took on electronics as another skill/hobby :)
  3. pecky

    Hey Guys (:

    Howdy :D
  4. pecky

    Hard Drive Failures

    Wow - shocked by it took 3 days, i thought it'd be way quicker
  5. pecky

    Hard Drive Failures

    dust free - it only takes a speck of dust to ruin the disk
  6. pecky

    Hard Drive Failures

    Who? Seagate themself? Would they repair any other brand of HDDs or just Seagate? :rolleyes:
  7. pecky

    Hard Drive Failures

    Wow HDD recoveries are mega expensive i didn't realise Don't they just unscrew the disk from the mounting and replace it into a similar HDD? That's about an hours job at best, costing the same price as a new HDD. -- I had one died on me last year, it was my best one i owned (a 200GB samsung PATA drive) quite expensive too. It had barely anything on it cause i recently installed a new OS on it. I just turned it on one day to find with the "tick of death" - the head probably broke or something... Ahwell i couldn't get it working again so i pulled it apart and nabbed the magnets from it :biggrin:
  8. pecky

    Minecraft up for me
  9. pecky


    I did, for like a day :tongue: not really my thing, and my computer couldn't handle even the lowest setting of graphics :rolleyes:
  10. pecky

    Hello friends!

    Sorry about the late hello, hello! :happy:
  11. pecky

    Post Your Desktop!

    huh what OS is that? Theme etc
  12. pecky

    Post your benchmark score

    Woo go me - my computer is 0.1gHz faster than yours :P haha
  13. pecky

    Currently Listening To?

    Youre gunna go far kid - OFFSPRING!! Woooo
  14. Damn you have a high reputation.