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  1. Update: I found when I was setting up a new computer the other day after my last post that I had to Update .NET to version 4,72 which is newer than listed on the above referenced website. In any case depending on when you are reading this, just update to the newest version of .net
  2. 2 things I found you need , If Novabench will not load is check your version of .NET, look on this page, https://novabench.com/docs/getting-started Also another thing I found is after I updated my version of .NET is you have to have a wide screen format Monitor I was going nuts trying to figure out why it wouldn't work before , I 'm not a gamer, i just like to have my PC's running at their best. But I had had a Dell 17 " (Dell model E173FPf) non wide screen monitor and Novabench just would not run I would click on it and NOTHING would happen. I had this computer siting on the floor with the monitor sitting on top of the tower and didn't care if I had a good monitor at the time just to check it out. After thinking about it I hooked up the wide screen monitor a ( Dell model IN1910N) and then NovaBench worked just fine. I guess it needs the higher resolution to work. But then again there is no minimum resolution requirement mentioned in the documentation for the program to run correctly. I hope this helps a lot of you guys with this problem.