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  1. I would really appreciate some help understanding these results and then what to do about it. I understand that the disk speed is very slow (it is a HDD) 1TB that came with the machine. Model Apple HDD ST1000LM024. Rotational rate 5400 I don't understand much about the GPU and if it is a separate problem or affected by the HD speed. I'm not sure which is the biggest problem to deal with first I understand that the problem of 0 for the CPU brings the score down but that it is low regardless this is on an iMac 21.5 inch late 2012. I think all the other info is included in the result I mostly use it for internet and word processing. Apps take a while to start, sometimes 5-10 seconds and more startup is quite slow, it almost always goes to the white/grey screen with the progress bar which takes about 10-15 seconds to get over half way and then slows down, then a black screen, then back to the bar and then login screen basically everything runs fairly slowly, this has started happening over the last couple of weeks. I just installed mojave but it was happening before that it was happening a year ago then it wasn't used for a few months and then I started using it as my main computer a few months ago. It was running well then and I stopped using it for a cople of weeks and now it is slow like it was before novabench result.nbr