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  1. I redownloaded Portable. Got 4.0.6 (previous download was 4.0.5). Looks like 4.0.6 will run from shared folder. More later if further test say it doesn't.
  2. I manage a couple hundred computers. I want to get a snapshot of how each computer is running to compare that with a performance test when a system has a problem. I purchased two Novabench licenses -- one for my use and one for my tech. don't want to go through the hassle of installing, running tests, and uninstalling so I am trying to use the portable version. So I download a the portable to a server on a particular network, unzip it, and try to run it from a computer on the network and get a message that says "Novabench was not installed correctly. Please reinstall Novabench and try again." Is this happening because I am running it from a shared folder? Do I actually have to run it from a flashdrive? (That would be a huge hassle. I do much of my work at night remotely on customer systems that are as much as 50 miles away.)