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  1. Just as I ran NovaBench on my Macbook Pro running Boot Camp on Windows Vista, it seems to have detected the RAM amount falsely. Notice the difference of RAM:
  2. I'm glad I upgraded my GPU recently though. My GTS 250 is really making a difference. And... here is my Macbook Pro 13" (Mid 2009) top specs. It uses DDR3 RAM so RAM on this computer is even more powerful than my desktop. CPU isn't that much difference either; the only thing pulling down is the 9400M GPU = =|
  3. Addicted to Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 since I played with with friends over LAN the other day. MAN it was fun!
  4. I started listening to him from "The Remedy"...give it a try!
  5. OMG. Jonathan you like Jason Mraz too? I am a HUGE fan of Jason Mraz. In fact, I got all his EP's and live's and albums and I have 160 songs of him. I have 8 different versions of I'm Yours alone. He's truly talented, yet underrated. The Remedy - Jason Mraz (I can almost rap it!)
  6. Would you mind giving me a link to see the board? Like ghilix said, usually templates are either based on prosilver or subsilver. There are only graphics change or CSS change, so they don't make any differences.
  7. Yup, it works perfectly. The plugin is just a little old and the author certainly hasn't made recent updates to change the topic.
  8. This plugin is the #1 Cash mod in phpBB3. It supports multiple currency ("points" and "tickets") and conversion between them (not automatic)
  9. Backstreet Boys - I want it that way = =||| Don't ask me why
  10. Watching I don't particularly love that song, but the MV is just amazing. Also 说好的幸福呢 is by Jay Chou, one of my few favorite singers...
  11. I now use <?php header( 'Location: link'); ?>
  12. I THINK mine is Petester, not sure though. I have been addicted to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 recently.. I dont know why. I have bene playing this series sicne 1st grade, and I just can't get rid of it out of my mind.