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  1. Tragic

    New PC Build - Very Low Score!

    first goto nvidia control panel and make sure the 3d settings are set to MAXIMUM POWER instead of OPTIMAL then make sure windows power plan is set to max performance instead of balanced or energy saver. THEN restart the PC and run test again.
  2. Tragic

    my computer is slow?

    You're Troll skill lvl is 99
  3. Tragic

    Post your benchmark score

    That's a nice setup man
  4. Tragic

    Post your benchmark score

    my score with 1080ti and 8700k is 3448 so...nah
  5. Tragic

    advice on bench results - ge force 1070

    1070 is suited for high end 1080p gaming. at 1440p i would turn down settings to middle for decent fps.
  6. Tragic

    Thought I had a decent computer...

    the cpu is weak to be paired with that gpu. i would say get a 8700k also you need an SSD bad, install the OS on it and enjoy the boost.
  7. Tragic

    Should I upgrade my laptop

    I recommend acer predator helios 300 2018 model with the 144hz refresh screen. goes for 999.00 on sale and 1200.00 normally. has 1060 6GB and i7 8750H with 16gb ddr4 26666
  8. Tragic

    Post your benchmark score

    And an ssd
  9. Tragic


    novabench is dying due to lazy promotions department. should be out there having monthly battles.
  10. both of you need to update drivers from nvidia website then reboot. after reboot goto nvidia control panel and make sure that the prefered gpu is set from auto to the one you want. then goto 3d settings and make sure it's set from optimal power to max perf.
  11. Nvidia control panel. set 3d slider to let 3d settings decide. in 3d settings global make sure it is set to maximum performance and not optimal. also high performance not quality. increase mem OC to +500 Also disable Vsync or Gsync
  12. Tragic

    Fails to run on Windows 10 1809

    just ran for me. what specs?
  13. i got 1323 for my 1080ti...