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  1. i got 1323 for my 1080ti...
  2. it's a laptop 1050 not desktop 1050 also goto nvidia control panel and make sure you have Vsync set to off or use application setting. also max perf and high perf settings.
  3. if you could reinstall everything to SSD it would be faster by alot. also might need fresh thermal paste application to cpu/gpu also to put things into perspective the 640M is 2000% slower than a 1080ti The i5 is also 85% slower than a i7 8700k
  4. Tragic

    Improvements to my benchmark

    buy a 1060 6gb buy DDR4 3000mhz buy 850 or 860 EVO SSD by samsung Profit
  5. Tragic

    I want to make this pc better for gaming

    you can get by with 1050ti but i you should upgrade the chip a few generations. also 8 more GB of DDR4 and a 860 EVO 1TB SSD to reinstall windows and games on (trust me on that)
  6. Tragic

    Getting low score on high end GPU

    it's acting like the drivers need reinstalling and on Vsync is on in the Nvidia control panel
  7. Tragic

    PC turns off high fan speed?

    Also could try plugging in a different fan into cpufan and make sure it's not that a bad fan.
  8. Tragic

    Poor score poor pc performance

    1 of 3 things is happening here. 1. your PSU had gone bad and is not supplying the motherboard with enough juice. 2. your motherboard has gone bad and is not providing the power from the PSU as advertised. 3. Your drivers got corrupted and or you installed bad drivers or wrong bios. least likely is that both the cpu and gpu shit the bed (unless you had electrical storm and power was jolted.
  9. Tragic

    Post your benchmark score

    very nice, mine is 3444 EDIT wait a sec we both have 1080ti but your score is shit...goto nvidia control panel and set prefer max performance and high performance. also turn off Vsync or Gsync Verified Novabench Score: 3444 Tested on Jul 14, 2018 at 15:35 Intel Core i7-8700K running at 5.1GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Microsoft Windows 10 Home CPU Score 1504 Show details RAM Score - 32GB DDR4 354 RAM Speed: 38578 MB/s Graphics Score 1323 Direct3D 11: 238 FPS OpenCL: 13967 FLOPS Disk Score 263 Write Speed: 2316 MB/s Read Speed: 2279 MB/s
  10. Tragic

    Hard Drive

    pick up a 960 evo for cheap huge boost
  11. After updates the processor power plan will revert to default changing maximum perf to optimal perf. Make sure that's at max perf
  12. Tragic

    Is 2623 a good benchmark score?

    Yes it's a strong score over all, but the drive needs upgrading. samsung 960 evo nvme 512GB 155.00 on amazon. i7 8700 is strong ass chip. and the 1060 6gb is one of the best middle class GPUs in the game. upgrade the boot drive to NVME and enjoy a performance boost across the board. my score for disk is 264 with a 970 pro ram 369 (3200mhz cl14 trident z) cpu 1504 (i7 8700k 5.1ghz) gpu 1311 (evga 1080ti ftw3 hybrid 2050mhz)
  13. Tragic

    [SOLVED] Benchmarking Linux

    Could you please askyour question in the form of a question?