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  1. Currently Playing?

    Every week or so I've been playing Red Dead Redemption. It's pretty good, storyline seems amazing so far.
  2. Post Your Desktop!

    It's Windows 7 Ultimate w/ Rainmeter. Here's my desktop, I need to organize files.
  3. Post Your Desktop!

    It's been quite some time. Let's see what you guys work with.
  4. Post Your Desktop!

    Its actually XP with bblean. It runs reallllllllllllly smooth for a explorer shell. I'm really shocked at how clean and simple the interface is. I do need to replace all of the default icons, because it doesn't match the theme. That's the right click menu.
  5. Post Your Desktop!

    Won't be bothered trying to crack Vista for a while.
  6. Currently Listening To?

    Tupac- I Dont Give a fsck (sorry if there isnt any censors in place)
  7. Currently Listening To?

    Red Red- Beenie Man
  8. Currently Playing?

    Gears of War and Wii Sports. Every once and a while I boot up the Resistance FOM campaign.
  9. Post Your Desktop!

    Updates to my PSP
  10. Currently Listening To?

    The Saddest Day Of My Life- Wayne Wonder
  11. Post Your Desktop!

    Its so boring here...
  12. Post Your Desktop!

    Judging from my previous pro-windows posts, I see why you come to that conclusion, but your correct :) I wanted it to look like a Mac, but I was dissapointed with the skins that were available. Its from the Yahoo Widget Engine, go to the first page and view the 3rd post (or the first post after Nathan's in this thread, I think). I posted everything about it, a very long time ago.
  13. Post Your Desktop!

  14. Post Your Desktop!

    Nice Nathan, I think I can install Fedora Core 6 on the PS3 too, but I opted for Yellow Dog because it was designed with the PS3 in mind. I saw a video of something that looks like the cube thing in the second screenshot, but the person was controlling it with a touchscreen.
  15. Post Your Desktop!

    Thats the default resolution, I haven't changed much since I'm new to Linux. When I did try to change it, it said something about refresh rates possibly damanging my TV so I passed on that. This is the only real proof I can show you, My PSN Network name is xecutionx.