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  1. Hello, Hoping some of you can help me to see if my results are normal but they seem low to me Old laptop is a dell inspiron 17r i5 3337u dual core 8gb ram, samsung ssd & onboard intel hd graphics 4000 This was all set on balanced mode Total score: 780CPU: 394Ram 186 - 14269 MB/sGPU: 115 - Direct3d11: 5FPS - OpenCL: 213 GFLOPSDisk: 85 - write 499MB/s read 459MB/s New laptop is a 13" dell 2-in-1 Intel i5 7200u kaby lake, 4gb (single stick). 128gb SSD sandisk, Intel HD graphics 620 (which is supposed to be 89% better) This is all on performance mode. I have been changing settings on the intel graphics application to try and get the best possible results. Best I was able to get on the GPU was 163 but can't remember how I did. Total score: 864 CPU: 507 Ram: 128 - 9637MB/s GPU: 163 - Direct3d11 11FPS - OpenCL: 370GFLOPS Disk: 66 - write 219MB/s read: 457MB/s I know the cpu score is much better but the GPU score hardly seems better at all. I use fusion360 for cad and it seems to run almost the same on both laptops and still says my graphics may not be optimized. I have all the latest drivers on both and the onboard vram on the old laptop is 32mb and the new one is 128mb. I have disabled prefetch and superfetch in windows 10 on the new laptop and uninstalled mcafee. Not sure if there are any other tweaks I can do? Any help is appreciated