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  2. is working on Dark Gods of Chaos, College, & Websites.

  3. Redsun

    Need a PHPbb3 Point System

    Is there a simpler mod that I can use instead of this one?
  4. Redsun

    Need a PHPbb3 Point System

    Ok thanks i will try it for the other one then.
  5. Redsun

    Need a PHPbb3 Point System

    For some reason it is not working for me either. So I am wondering if there might be a better one some were or even someone who could make one for the forums. Maybe even update this one that is not working.
  6. Redsun

    Need a PHPbb3 Point System

    Thanks peter I will sure try it. Though will it work with phpbb3 3.0.4? That's one thing I can see getting in the way.
  7. Redsun

    Need a PHPbb3 Point System

    I need some help finding a PHPbb3 Forum point system. I need to be able to edit it as I see fit. And if there is a premade free one out there that would be great. I don't have money to buy a script, but could use a script. What I am thinking is sort of like the point system here. I have searched for one to work with PHPbb3 forums and have come up short. What I want to do with this system is for everyone to be able to earn points. And then once they reach a certain number of points they would become tickets. Like say I happen to earn 89 points for every 10 points they become a ticket. So that would give me 8 tickets and 9 points left over. Thats one way I was thinking of doing it. The other would be Points to Regular Ticket to Silver Ticket to Gold Ticket. Say someone earns 1970 points. Say 10 points earn a Regular Ticket, 100 points a Silver Ticket, & 1000 Points a Gold Ticket. Can any of this be done for a phpbb3 forum? Can anyone help me with this. Its for a club I run. And the tickets will be for real and online prizes. Thanks
  8. Redsun

    Currently Playing?

    I'll bookmark it and sure try it when I get some more time. :)
  9. Redsun

    Currently Playing?

    Never heard of gunbound. A gun game right? And is it fun and worth playing?
  10. Redsun

    Currently Playing?

    Lets see... I am playing: World of Warcraft (on a private server) I just got started on the WoWBlaze server. So I am a level 20 on there in two days. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (psp) I am on the last battle of this game so I will have to find a new psp game to play. Folklore (ps3) Not to far on this, but so far its kinda cool. Guitar Hero III (ps3) Beat it on "easy" getting ready for "medium". Valkyrie Profile II (ps2) Still working on this one. XD Games I am playing on a off: Last Chaos (mmorpg) Is a lot like WoW, but free to play. Lunia (mmorpg) It is ok not to interesting. Kingdom Hearts II (ps2) Beat it many times and working on it again.
  11. Redsun

    Embedding a forum into my html website?

    Thanks so much Elyk. I got it on the first try with your help. :) here is the final page and all so you can see I am very greatfull to you. Thanks much.
  12. Redsun

    Embedding a forum into my html website?

    Now I like the idea of modifying the template of the forum to include this html page. But I have no clue how to do it forsure. All I know it that you edit the header and footer of the php forums. But I don't know what to add and where to add the html in those files. Any help is greatly accepted. :) I don't really like the iframe idea either. I don't want to brake the address bar.
  13. Ok I am trying to figure out how to embed a phpbb forum into my html website. This is the page I want to embed it in. I want it to stay in this page or at least have the layout of the website. It would be embedded in the text area. This is the forum I want to embed. If I can't do this I want to have the forums work like the forums on this website. Either way would be great. Let me know how I can do this. Any help is greatly welcomed.
  14. Redsun

    Currently Listening To?

    Umm not musicreally but Harry PotterMovie 2.. :P
  15. Redsun

    Currently Playing?

    I am playing kingdom hearts 2 right now on ps2 and thats mainly it. I do play a online rpg called endless online on the pc though