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  1. OK, I fixed the issue myself... In another post, the developer said "it uses net 4.6". So, even though the system requirements for Novabench say it needs 4.5.2, I installed 4.6.2 from here: And now novabench works :) So apparently, novabench needas .NET 4.6.2 even though the installer doesn't seem to warn if you don't have it. Hope this will help others.
  2. I just downloaded and installed the latest version on my Win7 Ultimate 64-bit for the first time. The installer went fine (I installed it in a custom path - UPDATE: I even tried the default path and it still crashes). But when I try to run the app from the shortcut, the program crashes in the "novabenchGUI.exe" module (Fault Module Name: StackHash_036d). What is wrong? (p.s. I have NET 4.5.2 installed)