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  1. Thanks. It works. ./novabench -t all-no-gpu -p /home/guest/ CPU Score: 549 CPU General: 982592 CPU Targeted: 616412383 RAM Score: 234 RAM Size (MB): 15990 RAM Speed (MB/s): 16609 GPU Compute (GFLOPS): 0 Disk Score: 89 Disk Write (MB/s): 480 Disk Read (MB/s): 539 Windows (the same machine) CPU Score: 680 RAM Score - 16GB: 233 RAM Speed: 15839 MB/s GPU Score: 155 Disk Score: 86 Write Speed: 518 MB/s Read Speed: 448 MB/s What should be installed to do some OpenCL testing? https://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=OpenCL&mode=filename&suite=stable&arch=any
  2. I have downloaded linux tar file, extracted tar -zxvf novabench-linux.tar.gz Then buyed Pro license. Started activation ./activate-license and after filling my email and password got ./activate-license: line 49: bin/novabench.license: No such file or directory License activated So I made Directory "bin/" and repeated "./activate-license" again and got "License activated" and in directory bin/ appears file "novabench.license" After ./novabench -help Novabench CLI is part of Novabench Pro You can download your license with the activate-license program. There is some problem with Paths. I am running Debian 9 (Stretch).