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  1. Robert Arber


    Thank you for your information link very helpful, and I see there's a link to Documentation Home will look at what you've got available for new comers there. Thank you, Bob
  2. Robert Arber


    Hello, Thank you for your comment, yes I would like to pose a question. But some background first, below please see attached file. I'm an amateur when it comes to checking out a computers working components and then understanding the results such as this site achieves. Although I have worked and played with them for something like 50 some years, afraid my generation came along too soon to grow up with them. So any information we need I'm sure I'll find in there to tell how far along towards end of useful service we might be? My question, one only for now is: "On your Benchmark results what does that number signify, i.e., 1313, is there somewhere it can be compared against same pc type system, etc, to see how it stands up after 10 approx yrs unit? Thank You, Bob Doc1.docx
  3. Robert Arber


    Hi, Nathan My pc score, and sorry in your message when you said, "You paste the link to your result here .........?" Did you mean, "GO TO THIS POST" (Below message) Which I did and the result was this: Score System Info 1313 Intel Core i7-2600 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series RAM: 12GB Nov 19, 2017 at 18:03 Make Private Remove Thank you, Bob
  4. Robert Arber


    Hello! New dude here just joined, like to get your opinion on the pc's 'Novabench Score', not sure how to link it up? Do I post at 'Novabench Results' first so as to display on the forum? Thanks, Bob