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  1. Many thanks for the info gents. I'm losing the will to live with PUBG anyways, so may just play Minecraft or Roblox or something. :)
  2. MY score for starters:- https://novabench.com/view/1357707 Spec:- i5 7600k gtx 1050 ti oc asus prime z270a 16gb fury 2133mhz 1tb wd hdd 600w psu What can I do to manually squeeze a bit more performance outta this build? Used the asus eazy tune and getting 19%? more out of my cpu. Gigabyate software for the gpu is a bit confusing, but upped a few scores on that too. Running things like PUBG at present and can only safety manage medium settings without fps dropping in to hell. Im not a complete idiot and understand a few basics, but would someone care to run me through a few steps oi what I could do to get my quality and fps up? Many thanks in advance.