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  1. Hello Nathan! Please help suggest on the measures to improve on this dismal rating/score ! Its a Year 2014 purchase, HP AIO desktop PC, Variant - HP AIO 18-1206in. Default specifications have been listed here :- Got my RAM upgraded to 8GB last year but the overall experience with this machine is hardly perceptible ! Inputs will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks !
  2. Hello! Please refer to the following URL :- & help resolve the installation issue with the Latest version of Novabench. Thank you.
  3. Hello there! I too encountered the very issue as has been Highlighted by the OP. In my case, Iam using Win 7 Ultimate edition of 32-bit variant. I suggest that Author please put a 'Disclaimer' on his Website to avoid such pitfall for the users of 32-bit OS. Lastly, the installer should also be 'standardized' to avoid showing up the respective Warning ( No. 1 reference). Thank you.