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  1. For me also Novabench 4.0.1 from AppleStore (idem from -->> CPU still = 0 My GC AMD Radeon HD 6490M is tested but no mention in report !
  2. Here is my MacBookPro 8,2 (early2011) test with CPU =0 Thanks for your help TEST 1 Novabench 4.nbr
  3. Hello, I tried both versions 4.0 (from Applestore and download from your site) I don't have CPU results for either my MacBook Pro 8,2 (early 2011) nore for my Hackintosh with Xeon W3680 (but GPU and disk benchmark are OK ) When submitting results there is an Error submitting results "the result appears to be invalid and was rejected by our server ..' Thanks for your help