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  1. I was able to bypass this issue by temporarily turning off "File Shield" in the Avast settings
  2. Hi Nathan, I just completed a test of my laptop with Novabench 4.0, and my GPU score scores about twice as much in Novabench 4.0 compared to Novabench 3.0, and my CPU score is a little lower too. What is causing this? NB 3.0.1 Result NB 4.0 Result Side note - I like that it's finally fully testing my SSD :)
  3. I was running my first Novabench 4.0 test on my laptop, and it Avast froze it up after the GPU test and identified what I'm guessing is the HDD write speed test as a suspicious file. Check out the screenshot: Hopefully their team will be able to identify it an unsuspicious and unblock the file, so that future users with Avast won't have to deal with this...