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  1. put this in your .htaccess: AddHandler php-script .html
  2. I've converted IPB 2 to phpBB, it just requires modifying login.php to accept the IPB password hashes.
  3. Here we go: Vive Mac OS X! Here's a smaller version:
  4. You have to edit the admin.php file.
  5. I use Ubuntu - mainly because I can't be bothered to download a distro, and they give free cd's and stickers!!! Everybody loves stickers!!!
  6. At school the school has a license for Studio MX and the files are on the school network, so everyone just copies it to their flashdrives.
  7. I see a keygen on there... naughy, naughty
  8. Mary J Blige ft U2 - One- I listened to it 5 times this morning (@ twistie: it's Meck not Mech)
  9. I like the new fedora logo
  10. I'm having a bit of a retro month, lots of 70s/80s stuff including DAVID BOWIE, david bowie is the best.!!!! :) :)
  11. This site isn't mine but Pootato is full of PHP, CSS, HTML and Photoshop tutorials.