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  1. I think Nova has a bug. See my post Macbook 15 vs PC with 1050. GPU score is really poor in PC... really !! I do note that Nova PC version is 2011 and Mac is 2017. Maybe they have old version on website. I did see a post on Nova Forums site in 2016 that new version was due and would fix same issue.
  2. HI. I have run this test many times and only the Integrated GPU is showing. Please results attached. Hope you can help. Macbook Pro 2015 2017 has much slower GPU but results suggest otherwise. I have attached 1. A screen capture from a recent Youtube Razer results which has a Nvidia 1060 2.My Dell which has a 1050 Hope you can help explain. Thanks Nov Dell XPS 15 9560 Results.nbr