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    Mac Pro underprovisioned, overpriced

    You sound like a more advanced user than me, but my experience is not at all like yours. I have the same configuration on my Mac Pro late 2013, and I find it very snappy, with no swap file usage. I currently have a 1.7 GB panorama open in Photoshop CC, and the swap used is 0. I am leasing mine, and plan to switch it out for the new Mac Pro in 2018 or 2019. Meanwhile -- I like the quiet and am very satisfied with the performance. I'm using usb 3 docks with bare drives in them -- saving is a little slow, but that gives me a minute to stretch and rest my eyes. I downloaded the Novabench app not because I worry much about performance, but just wanted to be sure my machine was performing on a par with other Mac Pros, and it is, so good enough for me. I have no interest in gaming, and just want to run my Adobe apps comfortably -- I'm getting what I expected. My worst complaint about Adobe is some fairly long term Lightroom bugs, but I can generally work around them. I'm nearly 100% happy with Photoshop - especially on this new Mac Pro.