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    System underperforming. Need help

    So it seems to be my gpu handing in low scores, it seems others with the same gpu are getting far higher scores. very confusing.
  2. vividsoul

    Getting low score on high end GPU

    i hear ya guys my gtx 1080 is handing in 874, not sure why. it's very frustrating
  3. So this is my first pc so i went for something i thought would last awhile. So i decided to benchmark to see where i stood and i think my system is underperforming. I have an i7 6800 with 32gb of ram and a gtx 1080. these are the scores i'm getting 32GB RAM (Score: 286)- RAM Speed: 13528 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 1125) - Show details GPU Tests (Score: 874)- 3D FPS: 2293Disk Tests (Score: 46)- Write Speed: 204 MB/s overall scores are coming in around 2337 on average. seems far lower than similar specced systems. As i said i'm new to the world of pc's so go easy on me. Thanks in advance guys.