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  1. Hello, The CPU score were consistent, I ran multiple test. I found the problem with my configuration, SMSBIOS was configured as iMac 14,2 (for Mac OS Sierra) and I change to Mac Pro 5,1 and the results improved dramatically: Intel Core i5 running at 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Mac OS X 10.12.48GB RAM (Score: 161)- RAM Speed: 5135 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 504) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 152847904 - Integer Operations/Second: 337150912 - Hashes Computed/Second: 1194694 GPU Tests (Score: 207)- 3D FPS: 701Disk Tests (Score: 28)- Write Speed: 102 MB/s SSD test is better, but I think the test is so simple and short, anyhow, I strongly recommend investigate for the hackintosh which is the best profile for your configuration. By the other hand, I installed a Win 10 pro in other SSD and got even better results, around 1250 points, better RAM speed 8000MB/s and a little better GPU results. Are windows & mac novabench results comparable? Best regards, David.
  2. Hello, I have a brand new SSD (crucial MX300) in a fresh installation of my hackintosh with Sierra 10.12.4 on a rock solid overclocked i5: i5-760 (first generation) 2.8 @ 4ghz 20x200 and Memory running at 1600 Mhz, almost working but the graphics, with the following results: https://novabench.com/view/1231782 Intel Core i5 running at 4GHz Asus GeForce GT 610 Mac OS X 10.12.48GB RAM (Score: 162)- RAM Speed: 5227 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 512) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 161866176 - Integer Operations/Second: 332425984 - Hashes Computed/Second: 1200510 GPU Tests (Score: 0)- 3D FPS: 0Disk Tests (Score: 12)- Write Speed: 33 MB/s (installed in HDD) Reinstalled with brand new GTX 750 ti, Nvidia Wed drivers installed and updated in config.plist use clover, now graphic acceleration works, but my CPU and RAM performs half some hours ago: https://novabench.com/view/1232114 Intel Core i5 running at 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Mac OS X 10.12.48GB RAM (Score: 148)- RAM Speed: 2540 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 240) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 80833472 - Integer Operations/Second: 152541184 - Hashes Computed/Second: 537284 GPU Tests (Score: 181)- 3D FPS: 583Disk Tests (Score: 38)- Write Speed: 159 MB/s Which can be the reason to perform so bad? Thanks in advance!