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  1. Maybe you misunderstood my question? The chip has switchable graphics and the benchmark is running on the low-energy graphics package, not the higher energy package. Backing up a little: the i7-8705g is only a few months old. Unlike most more graphics-capable laptop CPUs which have a low energy grafix solution in the CPU and a discrete GPU, the 8705g combines *two* integrated GPUs, one a low energy solution supplied by Intel and one a higher energy solution provided by AMD/Radeon. The Intel 630 may be older and lower powered, but the other part, the Radeon Vega part, is quite new and is generally described as being somewhere between a 1050 and a 1050Ti or even a 1060 in terms of capability. There are benchmarks out there showing this. The reason why the graphics results are so poor in my tests is because the tool is running only the low-power Intel grafix, and will not run on the newer, higher powered Vega part. I was looking for advice on how to get the tool to run the GPU tests correctly, on the more grafix-capable part of the chip. The most likely suggestion I've heard, elsewhere, is that the chip is too new and different from other designs in market, and Novabench needs to update its tools to test it properly.
  2. Can't get the tool to recognize or run on the Radeon GPU. Confirmed from taskman that it's running on the Intel 630 GPU. Tried setting up all profiles for the novabench .exes to in the Radeon settings utility. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.