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  1. Okay , wow just tried the beta verison and my GPU score is now 969. Must have just been a bug or something
  2. I just ran GPU_Z whilst playing Skyrim(really heavily modded i.e performance intensive) and my max GPU load - 99%, Max temp - 59%, Max Power consumption 92.1%. I think Nova bench just may not be forcing my GPU to give out max performance
  3. so it says limited by Vrel - reliable power or something. I have a 650w psu...that should be more than enough for my system GPU TEMP : MIN - 45.0C , MAX - 58.0C , AVG - 50.1C GPU load - 45% Max power consumption 49.6% max VDDC 1.0500 V Here are values I thought maybe useful. Again, nothing looks too bad from what I can tell
  4. yeah, it's plugged into the first 2 PCIe slots (which I assume are the fastest). I was going to say it could be dust getting into the fans, but there isn't too much dust, the min/max temp values aren't too high.
  5. These scores are lower than the average for each component and I can figure out why, they are all relatively new parts; especially the GPU (which is an OC version too). My CPU & RAM are also overclocked by my motherboard as well. I honestly can't think why my benchmark should be this low