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  1. Here is a link to my scores: https://novabench.com/view/1203997 It says my overall score is in the sixth percentile. My computer is a MacBook Pro from late 2010, and I rarely use it anymore because it is so slow. I am in a PhD graduate program, so I need it to do a lot of online researching (pubmed, googlescholar, etc...). I also need it to analyze data and write manuscripts. It takes forever to initially turn on (~5-10 minutes), and once it loads to my login screen, my mouse and keyboard don't work for another few minutes. Once i'm into a program things seem to run "ok" definitely not as fast as it used to. What should I do about this. It is a pretty old computer. should I try to salvage it my getting a new harddrive or somthing, or should I just scrap it and invest in a new one.