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  1. It doesn't really change temperature from what I can tell, maybe 72 max
  2. Beta test information. The FPS is exactly what I am seeing for a graphics level of what I saw.
  3. Extra information: When playing FFXIV the PerfCap is - Vrel
  4. Simply got Util as the perfcap, doesn't seem like that means much though... Any next step?
  5. So my CPU is still under warranty (pretty sure), I'm thinking this would be a valid reason to call in on it, it might be the case that my GPU and Motherboard are as well. It seems we already ruled out the RAM as an issue with Memtest+ (I think), How would I best determine which to try swapping out first as I don't want to request a warranty replacement if its not required for the device. -Sean
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, I had Memtest+ run for about 1/4 of a day and there was no issues, only interesting thing I saw is towards the end CPU was at 44 degrees C. I checked the BIOS but I didnt see anything to set AHCI or IDE. With games I honestly haven't noticed any issue on well optimized games like Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 but I am a little perplexed with getting 10 FPS on less intensive graphical games like the new Revelation Online, and Lower than 100 FPS on Final Fantasy XIV. So I am not sure, I let my computer rest turned off for a day and saw my graphics card up in 14th percentile which makes me think it's more likely related to the CPU?
  7. I found that my percentiles are really low, I have tried reinstalling new drivers, changing the power settings, have set Bios to high performance. No background processes running. I have a 750W powersupply for this and the measurements online say I only need 550W for my system. The temperatures fluctuate between 38C and 40C on average and are cooled by liquid cooling. So I am really at a loss as to what could be causing such bad performance...