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  1. Thank you Nathan, I appreciate your feedback and comments. Very nice to know the score is decent. Yes, I do in fact use all eight cores with my music encoding software. Very speedy/handy when it comes to converting and tagging :) Scott
  2. New to the forum. I use my computer mainly for streaming media, internet browsing, music conversion (huge digital music library, ripping music, analog albums to digital) and home office work. I don't do a lot of gaming. Knock on wood, have had no problems with the PC, been running great. I recently built this pc which I think I would consider a mid-range pc It is about 3 months old. Curious to thoughts if this score is decent? And if not where is it lacking, by how much and any chance for improvement? (For example, It seems for my CPU it is lower then the average of 635?) Thanks in advance. Scott