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  1. What do you recommend I can do to increase my nova score and performance? I see other people with similar cards but they're scoring thousands more than I am.
  2. I have the graphics setting at ultra, gpu memory restriction off, dx12 off. My fps is all over the place from 55 - 100 depending on the map and depending on if there are too many gas grenades going off. My old tower next to me gets a decent 140 fps on the same settings with a i7-4770k / 780 Ti. I've followed all the tips about setting power to maximum/performance and all that but it seems this card doesn't want to cooperate :(
  3. Okay, thank you. Is there any way to improve my graphics test score? I'm struggling to get more than 100 fps in battlefield 1 and wanted to see if I could improve it in any way possible.
  4. Hello, I just recently built a new gaming computer and I'm running into a variety of issues. Below is my novabench info: NovaBench Score: 235411/14/2016 9:40:27 PMMicrosoft Windows 10 HomeIntel Core i76850K 3.60GHz @ 3601 MHzGraphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 108032679 MB System RAM (Score: 278)- RAM Speed: 11925 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 1085)- Floating Point Operations/Second: 308575884- Integer Operations/Second: 1538935944- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 1296258Graphics Tests (Score: 915)- 3D Frames Per Second: 2390Hardware Tests (Score: 76)- Primary Partition Capacity: 931 GB- Drive Write Speed: 205 MB/s My computer specs are: i7-6850kAsus X99-AEVGA Geforce Gtx 1080 FtwSamsung 850 Evo 1tb SSDCorsair Vengeance DDR4 32gb 3000MHzEVGA Supernova 1000watt Power SupplyCorsair H90 Water CoolerWindows 10 Home The parts are less than a week old and I'm having stuttering, momentary freezing and slow down issues while gaming. Please, any and all help is greatly appreciated.