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  1. hello sir sorry for the late response, just only now my pc was fixed by the technician. the root cause of the problem was my CPU speed was stuck at 800Mhz after checking the solutions in the internet and changing the settings in the BIOS in the internal adaptive thermal CPU speed went up again now at 3.80 GHz. here is the latest benchmark result that i got i'd like to ask if the 3.80GHz is safe for my PC? i run the hardware monitor and this is the result i got:,, also on this result the power option was set in custom plan which was set by the technician.
  2. hello sir after 1 hour of setting of my power plan to high performance this is the result i got,,
  3. sir i get this result when i run this application,, i already told to the technician who build my pc and unfortunately he told on friday he will have time to checked my pc. what else sir should i need to tell him when he gets my PC? this is the spec of my pc sir. Mother Board : MSI B150 Gaming M3 CPU : Intel i5 6600 3.3 Ghz RAM : 8 GB DDR4 Balistic GPU : MSI GTX 750 ti 2GB Case CPU Cooling : ARctic F12 SSD : Trancend 120 GB Solid State Drive HDD : 1 Terabyte Western Digital PSU : Thermal Take 650 Watts 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply Case : Antec Mini Tower Case OS : Windows 10 PRO
  4. i don't know what happen to my pc, before i don't have issue playing my online game but now i really have terrible lag, my fps before is constantly on 55-60 but now its 15-20fps. this is the result of my benchmark nova.nbr