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  1. A nearby computer shop is offering me a i5 with a compatible(not sure if intergrated) motherboardand for 40$ i have 4GB of memory DDR3 to throw in it and i would have to purchase most likely a new power supply/ GPU. Thoughts?
  2. Yes i was thinking along the same lines i just had to check with a more experienced person. i am using ddr2 but i have 3 2GB sticks and a 750gb hdd that i was trying to salvage to save money. the GPU is complete dead weight trying to play my games, so it has to go. i was planning on forking out the money for a new motherboard and possibly GPU, but is the processor that much of dead weight as well? I have two other desktops which i was going to check their CPUs and motherboard to see if they are compatible with my RAM. Sorry to bother i am not well versed in hardware.
  3. Sorry had to attach, paste did not work. I believe my stuff is just really outdated, but i have an older computer with less memory that runs better.
  4. I have 6GB DDR2 memory and a 750GB HDD what can I do to improve this horrible score?