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  1. Well, the same problem (with previous versions also): Faulty application name: NovabenchGUI.exe, version, timestamp: 0x5bb98264 Faulty module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.2.9200.22376, timestamp: 0x5a90c271 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Error relocation: 0x00000000000da535 (Translated from greek). The strange thing is that the sooner after booting I try to open NovaBench the more possible it is to happen. If it happens and I open it again it works normally. It is just a bit of annoying but it would be good if there was a fix. OS is Windows 8 always.
  2. NovaBench 4.0.4 seem to have no problems with AVG so far, no exception errors. The rest are still the same.
  3. It seems that responsible for the application error is my AVG Antivirus Free. With the latest version 18.2.3046 I can't start NovaBench without disabling AVG's Behavior Shield - I get the mentioned application error message. The rest are the same.
  4. @Norman It is the NovaBench service, if you set it to "Manual" these problems will vanish. @Nathan Thanks for the response. I want to clarify that the "The open process for the service xx failed in DLL "C:\windows\system32\xxx.dll" errors are generated when I run the benchmark for the first time and not when I open the program as I firstly thought. Also, about the application error problem, these days I did a reset of my system with the help of the OEM recovey partition due to some other problem. When I installed NovaBench and tried to open it it errored four times without opening. I was wondering what to do, I remembered something I did some time before and I filled the "Start From" entry of the application's link with the application's folder path. Then I tried again to open it and it did without erroring. Yet I don't know if it completely solves the problem. Another thing that I noticed before resetting my system is that if I waited for sometime after booting before opening NovaBench it opened normally too. I hope this information will be of some help.
  5. The service still hangs, I don't think it is a matter of time. I have set it to manual and this solved the related issues. With NovaBench 4.0.3 every time I run it for the first time after booting I have an exception error at offset 0x5a00f2e8. The faulting module is ntdll.dll at offset 0x5644f0f7 (version 6.2.9200.17581). The error code is 0xc0000374 and the error transposition is 0x00000000000e9d19. The second time I run it the program starts normally. Sorry if I bother you too much.
  6. First of all thanks for the new version of NovaBench, very good work (and good that the CPU usage now goes up to 100%). Yet I want to report some error messages reported in the event log (I have Windows 8 with all the updates offered by Windows Update). When Windows starts I get three times the error ServiceHang with the following details: P1: NovabenchService P2: NovabenchService.exe" P3: P4: 10 P5: 2 P6: P7: P8: P9: P10: At the Windows startup I also have the peculiar effect that when I click on the Network symbol in the Charms>Settings the networks appear after some seconds delay. I think it started when I installed NovaBench 4 and I believe that it has to do with the mentioned error message. When I open NovaBench I have 4 or 5 errors in the style of "The open process for the service "ESENT" failed in DLL "C:\windows\system32\esentprf.dll"." I have the same error for the services/files Lsa/Secur32.dll, MSDTC/Msdtcuiu.dll, Wmiaprpl/Wmiaprpl.dll and (not always - probably because it is not always active) BITS/Bitsperf.dll. All the files are of course in the C:\windows\system32 folder. When I close NovaBench I have three times the error FaultTolerantHeap with the following details: P1: NovabenchGUI.exe P2: P3: 59AF6233 P4: 128 P5: P6: P7: P8: P9: P10: It isn't something crucial perhaps but you may want to have a look into these error messages (and it would be appreciated).
  7. You have a very good benchmark program with fast and fairly precise results, yet I have some observations to share: 1.My laptop has Intel Core i5-3230M processor with 2 cores - 4 threads but NovaBench runs only the 2 threads (which corresponds practically to 60% use of the processor) so my processor and memory scores are reduced by 40% (I have PC 12800 memory and it is measured at 7000+ MBs/s only). Having had a look at the results database this must be the case with most (if not all) the multithreading processors - only half of the threads must be running. 2.My laptop has a second graphics card (AMD Radeon) which NovaBench doesn't detect, I can set it to run with this card and it gives a much higher corresponding score of course, but it still refers to the Intel HD 4000 graphics card that it only detects. I am looking forward to a new version with these issues resolved, I think after 5+ years it is time for a new version anyway. Keep on the good work!