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  1. I'm still totally baffled. Running Geekbench 3 in 32bit (64bit costs money) it's relatively the same score in either OS. Running GpuTest 0.7.0 shows results that are within 2-5% of each other in either OS. Why is Novabench showing such different results?
  2. I've built a Hackintosh that shows scores in the mid 2000's when Novabench is run in Windows 10, but mid 1000's when run in El Capitan. Should the scores be relatively equal given equal hardware or are scores derived differently for each OS? If they're not derived differently, then the OS X score should be higher - I'm running Windows 10 on a much slower drive while OS X is on a much faster SSD. Here's the Windows 10 score. And here's the OS X score. The lower score in OS X seems to be because of the GPU. Is Novabench testing the GPU properly? I'm using the official Nvidia GTX960 drivers, and they appear to be working.