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  1. Is this mythical website overhaul coming anytime soon? In the meantime, if you could just display the comments with the result as I have assiduously entered the machine name in each instance. Thanks, SysTom
  2. Well, I guess because it is intended for a laptop. I'll run NovaBench and my own benchmarks when I get the unit. The previous unit I got had an even lesser CPU (according to PassMark) and it ran Android SDK fine...
  3. I just bought a laptop with an Intel Core i7-6500U @2.50GHz Novabench reports average score 453 at 2593MHz with a samle size of 579. This seems quite puny compared to the last three machines I benchmarked (729, 777, 829). Is my take away that the i7-6500U is inherently slower than other models? Thanks in advance for you input.