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  1. Hey, well, of course that your work is worth the money! About price and license policy. I like total commander very much, paid for it long time ago, and the licence is still valid for every version. I like policy like that. Probably it's also the success of the software. I wanted to support the author and also the 1/2/3 window with buttons was a bit annoying. Please consider making something like this. Of course Novabench it's not used as TC every hour, every day, but it will be installed on most of my PCs and run at least one time. For example create ok button for every command line run of the application. Something a bit annoying, but at the time allowing to use power user features. Don't use any monetizers, please. It would kill the software in my opinion. PDFcreator has something like this and many people thing it's some kind of crap when AV software shows PUP warning window during install. I use Novabench to test every older machine. Novabench is quick to install and under 2 minutes i have general knowledge about cpu/ram/gpu/hdd. Best thing ever is nbr file creation. :)
  2. The installer downloads dotnetfx.exe file if .net2.0 is missing, but on windows 10 .net 2.0 is contained in .net 3.5 feature and dotnetfx.exe file is obsolete. In order to enable .net 3.5 on windows 10 you use DISM command or enable it in control panel / programs and features / turn windows features on and off. I use personally following command to enable and download .net 3.5 on windows 10 from windows update: DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All You can find other uses of DISM, i.e. use offline install etc.
  3. I would like automate tests, create one bat file that runs cpu/ram/hdd tests and outputs results to a file. The problem is nb3tests outputs "NovaBench Testing Module[...]" information everytime. Could you add the parameter to output just the result? It would be great also to add additional newline character because now if i run -f then -i and output to same file (>>result.txt) i get for example: NovaBench Testing Module 3.0.3, Copyright 2011 Novawave Inc. See main program for more information. avg:122890916 chs:c9482c[missing newline]NovaBench Testing Module 3.0.3, Copyright 2011 Novawave Inc. See main program for more information. avg:25760769 chs:a61649 The best would be to add all cpu and ram tests to command line and maybe output them as comma separated values allowing easy import to spreadsheets etc. Novabench is great to quickly test PCs if they are good enough for particular application but could be greater and maybe more popular if it allowed to automate and customize things more easily.
  4. Hey, quick bug report - when i click different nbr files only the first one gets opened every time, not the ones i run. best regards Z.Gralewski
  5. Hey, first i want to say, i love Novabench and i use it all the time. Please consider adding delayed test start by default after pressing start button or proceed, let's say even 3 seconds would be fine. It would be useful if you are working remotely using teamviewer and don't want it to interfere with test results. 3 seconds would allow you to click "proceed" and disconnect before tests start. thanks Z.Gralewski