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  1. <a href=""><img src="" alt="Novabench Score" border="0" /></a> [![Novabench Result](]( Budget system under $500 used parts from ebay.
  2. I found this really cheap server processor called an Intel Xeon e5 2670 on ebay for $69 and free shipping. I bought it and dropped it in my EVGA X79 Classified motherboard. Not to bad performance for a cheap budget build using a GTX 770.
  3. Hi, regarding a q6600 build, I just received a surplus unit for recycling and it had a XFX 780i triple sli motherboard and a GTX 9800 with a pretty neat heatsink, so I decided to build it out for fun. I tossed the GTX 9800 and dropped three BFG GTX 260 cards in along with 8 gb of DDR-800 ram. I overclocked the q6600 very slightly to 2.8ghz leaving everything else on auto. Here is the Novabench result. Yes, very outdated but in 2007 this system was a top of the line gaming rig. Not so anymore, but still fun.