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  1. CPU score I can understand (as one system is lightly loaded, and the other is heavily loaded). The RAM and Disk numbers are the ones I would like some clarification on.
  2. I have two virtual machines running on ESXi 5.5 which started out as clones of each other, but have had different apps, slightly different disk sizes, memory footprint, etc. The two results are : I ran tests without GPU. I'm looking for some clarification as to why the two scores differ. For example: 6144 MB System RAM (Score: 149)- RAM Speed: 6221 MB/s8192 MB System RAM (Score: 159)- RAM Speed: 4657 MB/s The result with the faster RAM IO seems to be the lower score. Is the score somehow related to the amount of memory ? Disk is similar: Hardware Tests (Score: 18)- Primary Partition Capacity: 75 GB- Drive Write Speed: 147 MB/s Hardware Tests (Score: 23)- Primary Partition Capacity: 125 GB- Drive Write Speed: 147 MB/s Same Disk IO, but different test scores. Is there a technical explanation for the tests and the way scores are calculated? Thanks, Ron